I am now officially an American Degree Foundation Programme students at INTEC. Well, technically I have been here for about ten days. So, I think I may have known INTEC and the college students life quite well. Since I am now a college students, I will reflect on my social education experiance during my primary school, secondary school and also in INTEC. There are way more differences than similarities but yes I will try to balance it. So, my primary school is SK Sungai Megat Aris. It is located in a rural area, near my house. Yes, i live in a rural area surrounded by paddy fields. It is very calming you know. You may call me “village girl” if you want to. The same case goes to my secondary school which is SMK Raja Lope Nor Rashid. Later, I moved to MRSM Taiping during form 4 which is located near Bukit Larut, a forest i might say. After SPM, I enrolled to INTEC Education College in Shah Alam.

The first differences I can tell is the education system, how the marks are counted. Primary and secondary school are exam oriented studies. This is where I have to sit for the UPSR after six years having a great “play time”, PMR after three years of normal education and SPM after two years struggling the life of a teenager. Meanwhile, ADFP programme is not an exam oriented studies. Everything I do in class such as assignments, presentations, quizzes and what not will be given marks and they will be counted in my cgpa. It is a continuous effort.

During school, I rely on my teachers. For instance, the notes and exercises are all came from the teachers effort apart a small effort from the students. The teachers photocopied the notes for us, give them to us for free, teach us every single things and what not. INTEC is almost totally different from our primary and secondary school. We have to be independent here. The lecturer will not come to us asking what our problems really are and help. The lecturers as well have their own problems, responsibilities and stuffs to be done. If you have problems, you yourself have to make an effort to see the lecturer for consultation. You don’t want to fail, right? So, be independent.

On the other hand, we were obligated to follow the rules and regulations during our primary and secondary school. We must wear school uniform, socks and what not. We have to come early to school, no phones are allowed and no laptops. It was too strict right but well I will not agree if the government decide to allow the students to bring their phones to school, it is not necessary. INTEC or college life has nothing that is too strict like that. We are free to do anything, wears anything as long as they are not against the rules of INTEC. There are still rules, but it is not too strict. We can wear jeans, blouse, sneakers or anything, just bear in mind that we are in Malaysia. Furthermore, we can bring as many phones as we wish but don’t ever forget the lecturers’ rules and regulations too.

Prodeecing with the similarities,we have to make new friends whereever we go including at the primary school, secondary school and also in INTEC. Friends are important in our life. We give something to them and they will give it back to us in a different form. Do not just focus on the worthy. Friends are all human being too. They do make mistakes. We  have to accept their flaws.

Besides, any institutions we go to we will sit for examinations. We just cannot run from examinations whether we are in the primary school, secondary school as well as INTEC eventhough INTEC use the carry marks system. Most of us do not like this fact, but just bear with it, the world is not yours.

Furthermore, the class layout is almost the same during my primary school, secondary school and in INTEC. Eventhough INTEC is a college, the students do not have their lecture in the theater hall, but in a class with desks and chair just like primary and secondary school. The difference is in primary school, they use wood chair instead of plastic chair.

In my primary school, I don’t think there is racism because there were only two to three indians. In my secondary school, I guess there may be racism. The malays only talk among them and also the chinese. The malays make their groups and the chinese too have thier clique. Yet we still respect each other well. In INTEC, I guess the students respect each other despite their different races.

Next, I do have problems with the social economic status. I came from a middle class family. I do not came from a contented family. I cannot just ask anything I want from my parents. Seeing most of my friends in INTEC wear or used branded items, i kind of feel so humble and shy. During my primary school and lower secondary school, this kind of feeling has never existed. This feeling came to me during my upper secondary school at MRSM Taiping. But I am glad because they never laugh at me.

In all three schools i went to and INTEC, academics and non-academics are both important that we can improve our leadership skills. I have to keep it balanced but i don’t. I was so into academics that i cannot resist homeworks and revisions especially science and mathematics subject. It did not mean that I do not participate at all, well co-curricular is a must for school students. I was once a librarian, vice president of mathematics club and i do participate in competitions.

In conclusian, the life as student during primary school, secondary school and in INTEC differ from one another despite the similarities.