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August 2015

What, If Anything, Would You Be Willing To Fight Or Even Die For?

Some people, they would be willing to fight or even die for at least some thing such as for the country, religion, beliefs and safety of others especially their loved ones. There are also some people that would not be willing to die for anything because for them it is better to be living and enjoy their life. The worst scenario is that when people have to or must die for their own sake because they have chronic illness. As for me, I have never have any of the experience where I need to die for before, so it is quite obscure to me. Further in this journal, I will include situations and if I would be willing to fight and even die for them.

In the nearest future, in these four to five years, I do not think that I am willing to die for anything. I am quite selfish regarding to life. I would just fight for them if the situation does not threaten my life.  One of the incident that I would be willing to fight for is when my best friend, for example, is about to cross the road, but suddenly a car come with speed, then I will just pull her to the roadside. If the speeding car is just a few meters away from her and I know that I will not make it, I will not do anything than just to see her being hit by the car. If my mind is in a good state and is not mentally ill, this respond is the most logical that I can think of to save my own life. In real situation, I do not know what I will do because being hit by a car is something that is unplanned. There is no time to think. I will do what I have to do even if it is illogical since I will be panicked. Besides, other example is that if one of my family members is suffering from sick and in need for transplant, I will help him. This is because, as science stream students, I know that a transplant is not life threatening. Thus, I am stating that I would not be willing to fight if it takes me to die.

However, after nine to ten years, when I have gotten into marriage life, I will fight or even die for my kids. This is what a mother usually does. This is just a natural characteristic of a mother. Even from the time mothers get pregnant, they already suffer. They have morning sickness, they cannot eat. When they eat, they will throw it. When the baby gets bigger and heavier in their stomach, they hardly walk. Sometimes they have back pain. In the same time, they have to do their works. When it is time to deliver the baby, they have to suffer a way more pain than during the pregnancy. The contractions become more regular from time to time. Most of the women said that delivering a baby is a fight between life and death, where the probability to die is 50%. When the babies are born, mothers usually wake up in the middle of the night to feed their babies to make sure they do not die starving. When their babies have fever, they will stay up all night to make sure the temperature does not rise even more. When mothers go to work, they will never stop thinking about their kids who are staying with the nannies. These things are what mother usually experience. I am really sure I will go through this too in the future. I will have the greatest feeling of compassion towards my kids. I am sure my kids will be worth fighting for since they are my inheritance and I am the one who will teach them how to live a life and what I want to teach them. As for me, I have lived my life, so let them live theirs.

In conclusion, I am not willing to die for anything for now, but I am willing to fight. However, for the next 10 years when I have kids, I am worth dying for them. As for me, dying for something is quite beneficial and can be worth considering when there is actually something more important than living while if I were to die for something like to achieve my dreams, then I do not think it is logical because dreams are more worth living for that I can enjoy my success.


Be Nuts

Laughter, the act of making the sounds that show someone is happy or amused. Human beings love to laugh, ranging from babies to old ages. Humans love to laugh so much that there are actually industries built around laughter. Me, myself love to laugh too. I laugh a lot that sometimes I laugh at myself for laughing too much. Why is that people laugh actually? I mean, is there any benefit from laughing?

Yes, there are a lot of benefits of laughing. First and foremost, laughing strengthens relationship. There is one saying, “Laughing with others is more powerful than laughing alone” which means laughing with a group of people brings a lot more benefits than laughing alone. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy. When someone laughs, his laughter can induce other people to laugh too. This creates a positive bond with one another. Also, this leads to a strong buffer against disagreement and disappointment.

“Laughter is the best medicine”. Laughter triggers healthy physical and mental changes in the body. Laughter decreases pain and relaxes your muscles. For example, when you go to visit your friends or relatives who are sick at the hospital, try to make jokes and bring humors into your conversation instead of making sad faces and all the negative things. When they laugh, for a few moments, they will forget about their pain and that they are actually staying in the hospital. Laughter also relieves stress, improves moods and enhances resilience. I, as a student and a teenager, stress is a common phenomenon due to home works, assignments and friendship because teenagers really like to just have fun. Plus, staying away from my family makes me feel lonely. Therefore, in order to decrease the level of stress and loneliness, I laugh, laugh and laugh. Laughing is very helpful. When I make mistakes, I will also laugh at myself because some said that the best way to take yourself less seriously is to talk about times when you took yourself too seriously, and then laugh.

I am very sure that you guys know about 9gag and Just For Laughs. Those two are the examples of funny pages and funny TV shows that make you laugh when you read and watch them. There are also movies and series such as Mr Bean, Spongebob Squarepants and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron. Furthermore, in creating opportunities to laugh, you can do something silly like dancing while you are walking, make pranks on your friends and make funny faces.

In short, you’ve just got to laugh. I know that you love to laugh, don’t hide your strong feeling in laughter, just laugh out loud. Some people might say that people who enjoy laughing so much are actually full of sadness at the inside. Well, who cares? People can say what they want to say, aloud, just care about yourself. It is enough that you know laughter is the best medicine. It is not that you want to hide tour sadness, but you want to cure your sadness.

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