Who is a hero?  A hero is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. According to John Green, “The real heroes anyway aren’t the people doing things; the real heroes are the people noticing things, paying attention.” This quote means people who do things, great things, should not be one’s hero; instead the real hero is the one who knows what others feel, and what they need, and he then fulfill their needs. While some people agree with this quote, other people disagree. Another way to say this quote is people who do things are not actually the real heroes; the people who notice things and pay attention are the real heroes. As for me, I agree with this quote.

If you notice, some leaders in this world, they do things that they feel good to them as well as their followers; however they are not actually leaders, they are called ruler. Ruler is the one who rule a country, area, group, etc. Meanwhile, leader is the one who lead the people in an organization. Basically, they look the same but they are not. A leader does things based on what the members of the organization needs and wants. What I am saying here is a leader is a real hero. For example, Umar Al-Khattab, he is a perfect example of a real hero. Majority of his nights, he would walk the streets and the outskirts of Madina Munawwara, and he would ask the people as well as the poor about their concern. His vision was that not a single person should be left hungry. History even had said that Umar will not sleep until every single stomach is full. Thus, the example I mentioned clearly portrays how a leader can be a real hero.

Parents also can be considered as real heroes. 18 years living under the care of my parents, I knew that they always observing me; what are my needs and wants, my abilities, my attitudes, my hobbies and what not. I noticed that sometimes they do try to make me happy by providing my needs and wants, and by doing things that I like most. They are my heroes. Instead of their responsibility, I truly believe that they do things like that not alone because they have to, but because they love me. Other than parents, a true friend is also a real hero. Some friends, they become our friends just for fun and for their own benefits; however there are also friends that like to watch closely what kind of person that they have a friendship with so that they can strengthen the bond. This kind of people is the one who will always stay close to you and will be the first to notice if you are happy or when you have troubles bothering you.

So, who are the real heroes of mine? Of course, my real heroes are both of my parents and some of my friends that I mentioned above. However, in addition, I have one other hero which is a doctor. Why doctor? This is because, when we are sick and go to meet him, he will ask what our problem actually is, which I consider as paying attention on what we have to say. After that, he will examine our temperature, blood pressure, and so on, which I consider as noticing things. A doctor will not simply give us medications without doing the two actions I mentioned. If he does that, well, I will reject him as one of my heroes.

Conclusively, John Green was right. I think he was right because he believes that real heroes are the people noticing things, paying attention, and then do what is needed to be done. A good leader, parents, true friends and doctors are examples of real heroes. I hope that after reading this, you will be enthusiastic to practice the values of real heroes, so that you will be important in others’ life.